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Since 1982, New Zealand's herbarium curators have met on an annual basis to report on activities, discuss herbarium practice and matters of mutual concern, formulate national policies, and to foster cooperation and training opportunities. The meetings were formalized in 1989 with the creation of the New Zealand National Herbarium Network (NZNHN). There are currently 15 Network members, 13 of which are registered in Index Herbariorum. The NZNHN promotes the definition of the "National Herbarium" of New Zealand as being the aggregate holdings of all the herbaria in the Network. Approximately 1.4 million plant and fungal specimens are now held in New Zealand herbaria. The NZNHN operates as an incorporated society and is governed by a constitution. 


The NZNHN contributes to the Australasian Virtual Herbarium (AVH) which is an online resource that provides dynamic access to the wealth of plant specimen data held by New Zealand and Australian herbaria. The AVH is a dynamic resource—new specimen records are added as herbaria continue to database their ever-growing collections, and existing records are updated to reflect name changes and data validation work.


Membership is open to New Zealand herbaria registered in Index Herbariorum. Non-registered NZ herbaria and other south Pacific herbaria are encouraged to participate as observers.

This site 

This sites provides links to information about the scope of their holdings, number of specimens, important collections and collectors, current staff and contact details of the NZNHN herbaria. It also provides a gateway to the web-based community forum and documents associated with the NZNHN for employees from NZ herbaria or registered observers. Contact the chair if you wish to join the community forum.

Executive: 2023-2024

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The NZNHN meets annually, the host institution rotating among the herbaria in NZ. Details relating to the 2024 meeting will be shared towards the end of 2024. 

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